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Lockable Confidential Waste Storage Bins

Lockable Confidential Waste Storage BinsPremier Group Recycling’s Secure Confidential Destruction Console is a purpose built lockable container, designed to suit any office. 

Our cabinet has a lockable front door and within the cabinet are four hooks onto which a shredding bag is secured. At the top of the console there is a narrow gap where your staff would insert any disregarded documents.

Hassle free service

Premier Group Recycling offer various service plans giving you the flexibility to choose how often we visit and how many consoles suit your environment.

These consoles measure W-500mm, H-500mm and D-900mm and can hold up to approx. 150 litres of waste (30kg).


The lockable door ensures no unauthorised personnel gain access to your company’s sensitive paperwork.  

Our polypropylene sacks are incredibly strong and are securely fastened with cable ties as soon as the sack has been removed from the console.


How to book an office console

If you think that our office console or consoles is going to be the answer to your confidential waste recycling issues for your company, then contact us by filling in our enquiry form or call 0845 601 0551.