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Environmental Commitment

Highly secure documentation destruction not only provides businesses and private individuals with a solution to safely and securely deposit their confidential documents, but also ensures that the disposal of their waste is controlled, resulting in a long term safety net for potential data breaches and long term benefits for the surrounding environment. An example of this is Greenhouse gas emissions being significantly reduced by one metric ton of a carbon equivalent.

Here at Premier Shredding, all documentation is handled with the upmost protection, with all members of Premier Shredding adhering and complying to GDPR Regulations.

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Reducing the level of Carbon emissions

Premier Shredding is fully committed to adhering to our environmental responsibilities, whereby we focus highly upon sending zero percent of all waste that we produce, to Landfill, by instead baling and transporting all waste to UK Tissue Processing Mills to be recycled.

This significantly reduces the level of Carbon emissions emitted into our atmosphere and by recycling the waste that has been generated via the documents our clients provide to us, we contribute to the UK’s 73% reduction in air pollution. Overall, the more paper that is recycled after shredding, the fewer trees are needed to be cut down. Paper can be continually recycled more than once, this means that less trees are needing to be cut down and in the long run, air pollution is largely reduced.

Not only does our company recycle paper documents, but additionally we are committed to recycling I.T equipment and Hard drives using our specialised Degaussing equipment, ensuring the magnetic charge of the IT Objects are reset to neutral, leaving them untraceable and retrievable. Degaussing techniques have been highly rated and approved by Government and Military forces around the world.

For more details about our scheduled collections, please contact us using the For further details, fill in our our enquiry form or call 0845 601 0551.

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Per tonne of shredded paper the UK saves

By focusing solely upon recycling 100% of all waste we produce, per tonne of shredded paper, the UK saves:

3 Cubic yards of land fill space
4000 Kilowatts of energy
7000 Gallons of water
380 Gallons of oil
17 Trees
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