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Corporate Social Responsibility

Premier Group Recycling acknowledge that through daily operations, there are minimal environmental impacts. However, we aim to minimise the harmful effects by strongly encouraging the implementation of the internationally established Reduce, Reuse and Recycle initiative.

We aim to seek and identify any opportunities that may be beneficial in reducing the consumption of energy levels, water and other natural resources, by striving to re-use and recycle any material where possible and disposing of any items that are not suitable for recycling. This ensures that we obey our Environmental Commitment in reducing most of the harmful effects posed on the surrounding environment.

The company believe in regularly reviewing our environmental policy to ensure that it continues to reflect the changes in regulations and aim to repeatedly manage the impact of all operations within business practice, alongside developing new initiatives to improve our footprint we pose on the environment. Because most of Premier Group Recycling’s emissions are produced from the use of electricity, transport and waste, we are taking steps to roll out a successful strategy that will expand the Reduce, Reuse and Recycle initiative.

Beginning with reducing consumed energy produced by not in use equipment facilities and reducing the environmental impact of our transport fleet. Dedicated investment within our Manchester depot has resulted in a considerable reduction within the mileage used.
After we have focused upon reducing consumed energy, we focus our approach upon reusing items instead of relying on disposable items. This will dramatically improve our carbon footprint and will minimise our wastage.
Finally, recycling. We continue to improve our recycling facilities within our depots to ensure a cleaner environment, by maintaining continual improvement of our services and business process operations.
We are a socially responsible company and acts as a good corporate citizen to our people, investors, customers, suppliers, competitors and community.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Statement Click to view our Corporate Social Responsibility Statement